Walt Disney World's Fast Pass System Saves You Time

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In the past, there was one major complaint that everyone had when it came to taking the drive to Orlando, Florida to see the Mouse at Walt Disney World: having to wait in really long lines in the hot Florida sun to go on a ride that would last only 4 minutes. Let's face it. You've just plunked down hundreds or even thousands of dollars to take your family on a Disney World vacation. The last thing you want to do is spend half your time standing in a slow-moving, DMV-like line, snaking back and forth and seemingly going no where.

Well, a few years ago, the Walt Disney World Imagineers felt your pain and hear your cries for sweet relief. Ultimately, they devised something called the Fast Pass System. Now, if you're a regular visitor to the "World" like I am, this is not anything new to you. You know how awesome that little Fast Pass ticket is and how it saves you so much time waiting in ride lines. But, for the uninitiated: those who have never been or have not been to Walt Disney World since Clinton was in office, let me explain what this Pass System is all about.

The concept is very simple. It's an appointment system that lets you ride your favorite attractions when it is most convenient for you. You simply go to an attraction, like, let's say, Space Mountain. You walk up to the Fast Pass ticket machines located nearby, insert your park admission ticket into the machine, and pick up your "ride appointment time" your Pass ticket from the ticket dispenser. Your Fast Pass will have a 60 minute window printed on it. It is during that time that you may come back to Space Mountain and enter the Fast Pass line, bypassing all of the poor unfortunate souls who will have to wait until eternity to ride through space. Your waiting time is usually 30 minutes or less. In Disney time, that's a miracle.

Now, not every attraction has a Fast Pass option and there are some restrictions. But, using the Fast Pass System will help you keep your sanity and really make your vacation more enjoyable.