Visit Orlando and Dine With Your Favorite Characters

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Everybody knows that you'll have a great time when you visit Orlando in Florida to take a trip to the theme parks there. There are loads to choose from and there are plenty of rides, attractions and themed areas to spend your days in. However, one of the aspects that is often glossed over is the chance for you to visit some of the theme parks and meet, or even dine, with your favorite characters from all sorts of different fictional mediums.

The most famous example of this is probably the parades at Disney World, where all sorts of characters come to life out of the whole canon of Disney films that have been made in the last ninety years. Children and adults alike are sure to be delided by being able to meet the characters in the flesh, and will love having their pictures taken along them.

However, if you want true character interaction, then you might want to head to the Universal Orlando Resort. There are parades of characters, just as there are with Disney, but consisting of different characters, obviously. The Marvel parade tends to be one of the most popular, which evolves, as you may expect, various Marvel Super Heroes heading through the street of Marvel Super Hero Island, though you might not have anticipated the motorbikes on which they ride. Meet and greets with characters occur throughout the day, but there are some special opportunities that Universal Orlando are specifically proud of: you can dine with some characters at breakfast, lunch or supper!

It's a unique experience which may well spread to other parks in the area in the near future, but is aided by the number of restaurants and eateries that the Universal resort has. There are different characters who turn up at each meal, with a decent mix at each period (Spider-Man and The Cat in the Hat both appear at breakfast, for instance) which means all members of the family will have a character like like there , and also means you're more likely to book multiple Character Dining Experiences so that you can eat with all your favorites.

Character experiences are a great way for all the theme parks to make themselves more interactive and really buy into the idea of ​​characters representing brands, which then cycles round again to brand loyalty. As so many of the visitors are young, it's a great way to get them excited about the trademark characters and keep them on board for years.