Your Plumbing and Heating Winter Preparation Guide


With the days getting shorter and the mercury falling sharply downwards, the signs are that winter is fast approaching. But before the full force of winter is felt, it is strongly advised that homeowners throughout the country use the autumn months to make sure that everything in the home is fully prepared for the winter months, with the central heating and gas systems high on the list of priorities.

But what should be checked by a qualified London plumbing and heating engineer before it’s too late?

Central Heating System

The worst thing that could happen is you experience a breakdown or fault with your central heating system just when you need it most. In order to prevent this from happening it is advised you get your whole system checked and serviced once a year. The best time for this service is just before winter, as the system has most probably been used sparingly during the summer and may have become faulty without you even realising.

A Gas Safe registered London central heating engineer should be contacted to provide a safe and reliable check on your whole system.

Outside Drains

The last thing you will want to do is stand outside in December facing the prospect of a drain that is not only blocked but also frozen over. It is best to check all outside drains before the onset of winter so any problems can be fixed quickly without the inevitable fuss and panic. A 24 hour London plumber will have no trouble checking or unblocking drains for you, so make good use of their services sooner rather than later.

These are just two of the many initiatives that can be undertaken so as to enjoy a warm and happy winter!


Source by Ivor Bates