Plumbing for Your New Restaurant or Bar


Congratulations! You’re finally taking the plunge and opening the restaurant, bar, or nightclub you’ve always dreamed of. You know everything about food and beverage, front of the house and back, and you know customers will be lined up down the block. The only thing standing between you and your first Michelin star is building out your restaurant. 

You definitely know food but chances are you feel lost when it comes to new construction for a restaurant. Possibly the most important consideration when planning your restaurant improvement or build-out is the plumbing portion of the work. Without the right design and the proper fixtures and flow, you may find yourself knee-deep in something other than orders on opening night.


Code Requirements for Restaurant Plumbing 

Every municipality has its own unique requirements when it comes to plumbing for an eating establishment or bar. Some subscribe to the Uniform Plumbing Code, others to the International Plumbing Code, and some have their own standards. Heck, kitchen sink plumbing for a restaurant can stump even the most construction-savvy pro, let alone a burgeoning restaurateur. Learning which codes apply to your facility is critical to your restaurant design, but it’s probably not something you have time for learning. That’s where your professional commercial plumber comes in. Plumbing contractors are licensed and bonded, with an extensive knowledge of the codes that apply to your location. 

Restaurant Plumbing Fixtures

Kitchen faucets, bathroom fixtures, hand sinks, dishwashers, and grease traps are just a few of the plumbing features needed in a restaurant. Your kitchen will likely require a three-compartment sink, prep sink, and a dedicated hand-washing sink at a minimum. You may be tempted to select cheap plumbing fixtures to help the bottom line, but running a restaurant, whether it’s a fast food spot or you’re planning to break into the 5-star world of fine dining, is hard on plumbing with all the food preparation and clean up. You need quality plumbing materials, fixtures and expert plumbing installation to handle all your success!  

Planning Your New Restaurant’s Plumbing Systems

With careful planning and purchasing, the plumbing system for your new restaurant will be cost effective, code-compliant, and will function properly with regular maintenance. A commercial plumbing contractor familiar with local codes with proven experience working on restaurants is just what you need. Your plumbing contractor can provide and install everything related to your water lines, faucets and fixtures, gas lines, sewer or septic systems, and more. 

Look for a plumbing subcontractor that specializes in new construction or remodels for food service. A licensed plumbing contractor will consult with you to identify your needs and budget, and work closely with your general contractor to ensure a seamless design and timely installation. Let them handle all the details and then all you have to worry about is what you do best… provide great food and service for your customers.

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