Does PureWash Work & How Does It Compare To EcoWash and LaundryPure?


If you are searching the web, wondering if the rumors are true… rumor being that you can clean your laundry WITHOUT detergents or any additive (bleach, vinegar, baking soda, etc).  You have come to the right spot. 

It is true, the Purewash laundry system does work.  Actually, the Purewash, LaundryPure or EcoWash, are all the same technology and will definitely improve your laundry quality!  It’s pretty life changing.

This is a quick review on the Purewash Laundry System (same as EcoWash and LaundryPure).  After reading this review, I hope you are convinced to order one and put it to good use!

This ozone technology has only bee available to commercial laundry systems and in hospitals up until a couple years ago, now it is available for your home.  They have been using this technology in hospitals for over 10 years!

These laundry systems take your normal tap water and add O3 (ozone – 3 oxygen molecules) to the water.  This opens up the fiber and dislodges the dirt and grime from your fabrics.  You clothing will smell fresh, just like they were clean in fresh bubbly mountain spring water.  O3 also kills almost everything on or in your laundry.

There are many stories of dirty items that these laundry systems have cleaned.  Diesel has come out of jeans (some would say that was impossible :), hog chore clothes come clean with no detergents (and cold water!), dingy socks come out whiter, cloth diapers come out smelling and feeling clean, etc.  Most households do not do “very dirty” laundry, but everyone still wants to know if it really works on the really dirty stuff.  It does.  Sometimes you will have to pre-treat stains (just like you had to before).  But overall, it works like a charm.

Here are some perks:

Cold Water – never pay for hot water, (take a shower while the wash is running).

No Detergents or Softeners– no more irritating soap residuals left in your clothing – detergents, softeners, etc are a huge problem with skin irritations, especially for babies and those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

Clothes Last Longer & Don’t Fade – using cold water creates less wear on  your clothing.

No Need To Sort – everything is washed in cold water, you don’t have to sort by color.

Save Big Money – not paying for hot water, detergents or replacing ruined clothing.

Faster Drying – clothes are cleaner and retain less water with this laundry system.

Anyone Can Do Laundry! – you can’t mess it up.  Your husband and children *gasp*, can now throw a load of laundry in and hit start.  No messes to be made or wrong temperature settings.

I have an EcoWash installed in my laundry room and would NOT go back to the “traditional” way of doing laundry with soap, vinegar & bleach.  I love my EcoWash and recommend it for everyone.  It will pay for itself in less than a year.  It doesn’t need replacement parts and will probably out live your washing machine.

The best price on the PureWash and LaundryPure is $400.  I have found the EcoWash for  $250 and $300.  If you haven’t already bought one, my vote is for the EcoWash


Source by C Mom