Why Some Gutter Guards Fail and Others Succeed

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Most roof gutters are subject to a significant amount of material that can cause blockages and leaks. Roof moss, pine needles, leaves, even tennis balls and other debris such as falling cement from chimneys.

Gutter guards are designed to allow rainwater through while keeping this debris out. These are the two basic requirements of any gutter protection product. Unfortunately many fail even at this early stage, while some are so over complicated and expensive to install that they are unattractive to the home owner.

Here is a brief overview of just a few of the popular protection products on the market today:

Gutter Mesh

This type of product is possibly the oldest on the market today, unfortunately it fails predominantly in almost all conditions. Wet leaves and roof moss typically cause this flimsy mesh to collapse into the gutter rendering it useless.

Foam Filters

Rigid foam can be inserted into the guttering, this allows water to run freely into the base of the gutter and is strong enough that it does not collapse under the weight of any debris. Will the foam itself become clogged with smaller debris such as pine needles and moss? If that is the case then how easy is it to remove the product, clean it and refit it?


Another product on the market today is a brush that is specifically designed to fit inside the gutter whatever it's size or profile. This product is extremely easy to install, even by DIY novices. No tools or adhesives are required during the installation process so removing the brush and giving it the occasional clean is not too difficult a task. The spikes of the brush work well at keeping out larger debris such as leaves and twigs. This product, just like the foam guard does have faults, neither of the products actually keep 100% of the debris out so it's really a case of how long until they become blocked and clogged.

When considering buying a guard it's always a good idea to search web forums and product review websites to get a better understanding of which product is best suited to the environment it will be used. Some guards are easy to install, others are not so the skills of the installer often become an important factor and will determine whether it works well or not. Choosing a specialist rather than a handyman is also sound advice.

Tips To Install Guttering

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So, you need to either replace or install gutters on your home. This is not a very complicated job even though it sounds as if it is quite extraordinary. There are a couple of decisions that have to be made before you can install it though.

First you will need to decide if you are going to use pvc or metal guttering. Vinyl guttering is very easily installed but the brackets and clamps are exposed on the outside of the guttering for everyone to see. It does not look that bad but you have to decide if this is what you want. Metal guttering on the other hand is as simple to put up and you can hang it with spikes that are pretty well hidden from view. You will have to also decide on color as there are a variety to choose from now.

Once you have decided on your type and color the next thing to do is to measure your house in order to determine the amount needed. You want to measure across your house at the bottom of the pitches of your roof. Remember water will free flow down hill and you want the gutter to catch it here and divert it to the downspouts. After you have this measurement you divide this number by the length of each piece of guttering and round up to the next whole piece. This is the number of pieces of guttering to buy. The next thing you need to calculate is your downspouts.

Downspouts are what your gutter diverts the rainwater into. You will need at least one if not two on a straight run. The way you determine this is by figuring the pitch or slope on your guttering. Gutters have to have one quarter inch slope every ten foot in order for the water to drain. That is one inch every forty foot. So, in a nutshell, if your guttering is going to be 40 foot in length you put a downspout on each end. In the middle of your run make a mark where the gutter will mount. At each end make a mark one half inch lower than the center mark. This is a one quarter inch drop every ten feet. Now make a chalk line and install the gutter starting at one end or the other and work the opposite way. This provides the slope often in both directions and makes it less noticeable to the eye of the viewer. After you have connected the guttering across the fascia board now you install the downspouts on each end and use the clamps to clamp them to the wall.

Remember gutter channels come in either 4,5, 0r 6 inch channel and the 5 inch is the most commonly used. Downspouts come in either 2×3 inch or 3×4 inch and are usually corrugated. If you live where there is a lot of rain or snow, or there are a lot of trees around your house then go with the 3×4 inch. This will accommodate more runoff and will not stop up as quick from leaves. The downspout is correlated in order to slow the running water a bit to keep it from gushing out the bottom of the downspout.

Once your gutters are installed you need to place a diverter under your downspout and this is usually plastic and fits right under the downspout with the higher end of it next to the house. These points the drain water in the direction of flow without creating a hole in your lawn from the rainwater. Some people and you may consider underground drain pipes to divert the water even further.

Even though this may sound complicated you do not need a lot of technical expertise. A pencil, paper, tape measure, small saw or snips, hammer, or screw gun, ladder, and a chalk line are all the tools you need. This is a job you can do yourself but is easier with a helper.

The Basics Of Roofing And Guttering

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Roofing is one of the most important aspects of any home. The roof is what protects you from the elements of nature. So a lot of caution and planning has to be taken when deciding the roofing for your home. Roofs have to be tough and durable to handle all kinds of weather. A roof has to be water proof and fire resistant to protect your home from rain, hail, snow, sleet and from the sun's heat and light.

Roofs are available in different designs and can be made of many materials. The basic construction of a roof will have its framework and the roofing material. Also some optional components like chimneys also can be found. Roofs can be of asphalt, slate, concrete tiles or even metal. Nowadays gutters have become part of a roofing system. During rains and snow, the gutters collect the water and stream them down in a controlled manner through a downspout.

One of the most common options for roofs is slate. The look of natural slate roof is always something that is desirable. Slate is attractive and also is long lasting. Moreover slate is proven to offer good fire protection. Slate roofs are hard to install and also much more expensive than the normal asphalt roofing.

Concrete tile roofs come in a variety of looks. As they are made from concrete, they can be molded into any shape or size. They are ideal for custom roofs. Concrete tile roofs are also durable and fire resistant like slate roofs. But concrete is heavy and that means the load on the building increases drastically when a concrete tile roof is installed. Also concrete roofs can be damaged by hail. So it is recommended to go for concrete tile roofs where the possibility of hail is the least or non-existent.

Metal roofs are very durable and are resistant to hail and winds. Metal roofs are also available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Metal roofs are mostly made from steel that are recycled and they are environmentally friendly. They are known to last long too. But metal roofs are hard to install and also expensive. During rain, metal roofs can be noisy. The sound of rain drops hitting the metal roof can be annoying for some while music to the ears for some.

No matter what roof you are planning to install, never overlook the need for proper guttering for your roofs. When it rains water tend to flow from all sides of our home. When gutters are installed, they collect the water that falls on the roof and guides it down to the ground through a downspout. You also have the option of letting the downspout outlet into a small reservoir to collect the water or even draining it into a water conservation unit.

Two major types of gutters are available in the market. The traditional gutter usually made of iron sheets and the newer seamless gutters. Traditional gutters nowdays are being upgraded to seamless gutters. As traditional gutters have a lot of joints welded, the possibility of a leak in future is very high. Seamless gutters do not have any break anywhere. They are made from copper, galvanized steel or aluminum.

A good roof with a proper guttering system will ensure that your roof does the job it is supposedly to do – to protect you from the different elements of mother nature.

How to Keep Your Gutters and Down Spouts Working Properly

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Clear gutter's of twigs, leaves, and any other debris in the spring or fall. If not, water could overflow and get into your house. Using a ladder, lean it against the house, not your gutter, and wearing gloves, climb up and try to remove debris with your hand. If you have a clogged upper downspout, use a plumber's snake to unclog it. With a garden hose, flush the cleaned gutter's and downspouts. To prevent any future clogs, install copper leaf or stainless steel strainer's in the downtpout.

Patching Holes- To patch holes in gutter's you will need a fiberglass patching kit and a small box of either # 6 or # 7 (1/2 inch) sheet metal screws; available at your neighborhood home improvement center. If a metal gutter has a leak at the joint, the joint overlap might not be right, that means, water is running against the seam rather than over it. Take the gutter apart and reconnect it using the sheet metal screws, then, apply the aluminum sealer.

To adjust gutter pitch-Overflowing may be caused by an improper pitch. If you have standing water in a clean gutter, reset its pitch. The first thing to do is to check that the gutter is touching the overlapping shingles at the high end; adjust it if necessary. One inch below the bottom of the gutter at each end, drive a nail into the fascia (the board at the very top of the wall). Draw a string line taut between the two nails. Use a line level and run a level string a couple below the first. Measure between the two lines every four feet. The distance should increase 1/4 inch for each four feet. If it does not, reset the gutter. Starting at your downspout end, disconnect, then, reconnect three or four hangers at a time.

Extreme Sports Activities in Pattaya

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For those who think Pattaya is a nightlife center and only comes alive at night, check out the extreme sports available to add excitement to your days.

If water sports are your interest, there's wind surfing, and kite surfing. You can windsurf all year round, but the ideal time of the year is January to end of March, when there are moderate west to south west winds around 8 to 12 knots. For kitesurfing (or kiteboarding) enthusiasts, the best time is March to June when there's moderate south westerly winds and low tides making wide beaches, which are ideal conditions for novices.

Windsurfing and kiteboarding lessons are held at the Blue Lagoon Watersports Club, on Jomtien south beach. The area is reserved for wind powered sports only, so there's no annoying jetskis to contend with! The waters in the Pattaya area are safe. During the wind season there are no jellyfish or sea urchins and there has never been a shark attack recorded in Thailand!

Windsurfing lessons are given by Amara Watersports, owned by Ex World Champion Windsurfer Amara Wichithong. If kiteboarding is your sport, there are several courses, from a 4 hour introduction to a which will prepare you for your first ride on the water, to a 3 day course that will make you a separate kite boarder.

For scuba diving enthusiasts, Pattaya offers a host of diving activities and good diving conditions all year round. Diving trips to Pattaya's Islands are available every day. Pattaya is Thailand's wreck diving capital, you can choose from several wreck diving courses. If you're an experienced diver, then consider a specialized course like underwater photography or a technical diving course like a rebreather course (no bubbles so you do not frighten the fish!) Or a cave diving course.

Adventures in the air abound in Pattaya, learn to fly an ultralight, or a paraglider, or if jumping out of plane appeals to you, there are several skydiving courses available. A great way to start is with a tandem skydive. There's all the thrill and sensation of free fall, as you enjoy a panoramic view of the world below you. As you travel through the air, an expert skydiver is in control, managing the parachute and bringing you safely to earth.

Paragliding allows you to float on thermals and soar like a bird across the countryside, in a silent and effortless fashion. Courses from beginner to advanced pilots are available. Paramotoring courses are also available.

For the adrenaline junkies, Pattaya has two bungee jump locations. Take a ride to the top of a 50 meter tower and leap towards the earth in the knowledge a bungy cord will stop you before you reach the lake below!

If you're a speed freak, you'll love the bike track days at Bira International Raceway. Your bike is a powerful but controllable, race bred Suzuki GSXR-750. On site specialists help you set up the bike to suit your style of racing, and ensure you have a fun filled day!

How You Can Participate In Fear Factor

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Have you always dreamed of participating in a reality show? Here is your chance. Fear Factor Live is a stunt show at the Universal Studios Tours where volunteers are from the audience. Since there are three to five shows held everyday, chances are good that you might just be able to take part in it.

Of course there are a few things to know and remember before you take part in the stunt show. First, this is not a mock show. The fears are real and no simulated Fear Factor in this show. And the stunts are performed by members of the audience just like you. So if you are faint-hearted, better not attempt.

If you think you have the guts to go ahead and take part, visit the casting office, located near the Terminator ride, in the theme park. There are some physical standards that have to be met, which stands guarantee that you can handle the tasks assigned to you. You have to even sign a liability form which relieves Universal Studios and Fear Factor of any obligation, in case of any injuries or damages that may occur.

Before the actual show begins, those members of the audience who were not selected to participate are called on stage and some similar challenges are thrown, like eating insects and bugs. The winner of the pre-show contest is awarded wonderful prizes, like an annual pass to the theme park. Then there is an audience warm-up to build the excitement by the hosts of the show.

There are six participants in the show – all chosen from the casting office. Their dress code is just like the original Fear Factor dress – tight uniforms. Then a line-up of challenges, again like the Fear Factor challenges are thrown at the contestants. These include falling from a height, skill tests and of course the well-known gross-out challenge. While the show is on, a member of audience is picked up for yet another challenge, like putting your head in a tank which is replete with scorpions.

After watching Fear Factor, if you have bragged to your friends that it was easy for you and you could easily handle all those stunts yourself – watch out. It could be that you prove yourself right or your friends could prove you wrong. This is your life-time opportunity to participate in the Fear Factor Live show at the Universal Studios Tours, and prove your mettle. Go and meet the casting office as soon as you can but make sure that you meet all their physical requirements. In case you don’t, ask for being part of the audience.

SEO – the Basics You Should Know

What is it?

SEO is a carefully created method of improving the probability of your web page appearing on the results page of a search engine query. The nearer the top of the search engine results page your web site appears, the more likely that searchers will click on your web site link and go on to purchase the product or service you represent. You can perform search engine optimization yourself, or hire an expert to do it for you. There are approved ways to improve your standing and ways that can get you banned. It’s important that you do the optimization correctly to avoid getting your web site shut down.

Who needs it?

Any small business owner with products or services advertised online should make the effort to optimize their web site so as to achieve the best results when the search engine spiders visit your site. There are SEO algorithms that are used that are generally proprietary and different search engines look for different components in order to determine the rank of the specific web page. Naturally, each web site owner wants to achieve the highest possible page ranking for the products or services that are displayed on the web site. Getting your page ranking as near to the top of the search results as possible gives you more web browsers seeing your link.

How to get the best results

The best results for SEO is to determine the specific algorithm used by a particular search engine and write your web site to use the best possible mix of keywords, links, and placement so as to improve your ranking. Attention should be paid to using the keywords or keyword phrases correctly. Not only the number of times they are used, but in what context they are used. Even the placement of keywords on the page is important for best results. Another factor that is important is that of links to other web pages.

How does SERP apply?

SEO best results are returned on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page. When a searcher on the internet uses terms in a search engine query box, the search engine returns results on a page called the Search Engine Results Page. This can be a few links up to thousands of links, but few searchers look beyond the first page or two of results, since the results often are less relevant as you move further down the page. The ranking of your web page up toward the top of the list is what can increase your sales significantly.

Page rankings

Page rankings are the somewhat arbitrary number assigned to web pages based on the SEO results identified by the search engine spiders or robots. Each major search engine relies on a different algorithm for ranking, although there are similarities between the three major search engines, MSN. Yahoo and Google. The goal of search engine optimization techniques is to have the web page appearing on the first page of search results for the specific query.

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